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United Kingdom Visa Application Center– supplying, installation, commissioning, testing, supporting and handover of major activities

  • Supplying of UTP CAT 6A network infrastructure 
  • Installation of LAN infrastructure 
  • Supplying of internetworking devices including 10K UPS with external battery pack, datacenter industry 42U Rack with  v vertical and horizontal cable management system, and cooling system 
  • Supplying and installation of CISCO network infrastructure devises including CISCO Firewall Meraki Solutions, CISCO Core Switch, CISCO Access Switch, CISCO router. 
  • Supplying of Rack mountable original APC UPS with external battery pack one 3KVA for Rack equipment and additional tower 10KVA UPS to support other devices 
  • Supplying, Installation, configuration of Axis smart CCTV Camera system to monitor 24/7 the office video surveillance and motion detection systems.       
  • Supplying, installation and configuration of Intrusion detection systems (IDS) Alarm system to monitor 24/7 the visa office including 360 and 90 degree motion detection, door contacts for sensitive rooms, humidity detection systems, water licking detection systems etc   
  • Supplying installation and configuration  of Supermini Access control system including 600lbs magnet locks, push buttons, integration with the server based access control systems 
  • Renovation of datacenter rooms including suppling, installation, configuration of professional power management system for the entire facility power system 
  • Supplying and installation of video conference systems  …etc 
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