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United Kingdom Visa Application Center project: supply, installation, commissioning of major items

United Kingdom Visa Application Center project overseeing the supply, installation, and commissioning of various items related to network infrastructure, data center and video surveillance systems. The project achieved the following goals.

  • supply of UTP CAT 6A network infrastructure, internetworking devices including 10K UPS with external battery pack, datacenter industry standard 42U rack with vertical and horizontal cable management and cooling systems, CISCO network infrastructure devices including CISCO Firewall Meraki Solutions, CISCO Core Switch, CISCO Access Switch, CISCO router, rack mountable original APC UPS with external battery pack one 3KVA for rack equipment and additional tower 10KVA UPS to support other devices. 
  • supply, installation, and configuration of Axis smart CCTV and motion detection systems for 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring. 
  • supply, installation and configuration of intrusion detection and alarm systems for 24/7 monitoring of the visa office including 360 and 90-degree motion detection systems, sensor-based door contacts for sensitive rooms, humidity detection systems, and water leaking detection systems. 
  • supply, installation and configuration of supermini access control system including 600lbs magnet locks, push buttons, integration with the server-based access control systems 
  • renovation of datacenter rooms regarding professional power management system for the entire facility power system 
  • supply and installation of video conference systems 
  • installation of LAN infrastructure 



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