Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, offered an ultimatum to Windu and the Jedi: join him, or die. While we never saw her fate in the movies, there are two deleted scenes of her demise. Meanwhile, Senator Bail Organa sought out Ti for aid in rescuing his daughter, Leia Organa. During this time, she was embroiled in a conspiracy concerning the mysterious behavior of the Kaminoans in regard to the clones and the inhibitor chips which were implanted in each. "Then he jumped. 0. All these people are extremely skilled and powerful. [Source]. Kamino's under threat; 99 has his moment; the boys get a visit from some familiar faces. Beth IS alive! Riding on the shoulders of an elder rancor, Ti made her way to the Ancient Abyss, a place of sacrifice for the Jungle Felucians for many millennia. While fighting valiantly alongside her peers, Ti quickly realized that she could not prevent the fall of the Temple. Kolar falsely informed the Count that Ti had in fact perished in the fighting; however the Sith Lord did not believe these claims and ordered Tok to find the Togruta's body. During the Battle of Ringo Vinda, Tup had repeatedly slipped into a trance before inexplicably murdering Jedi Master Tiplar in the heat of battle and later trying to attack her sister Tiplee. Ti was a Togruta, a humanoid species hailing from the planet Shili whose most recognizable feature is their striking and prominent head cones. Shaak ti had gotten over the ringing in her ears when she saw what was left of Rath. As the clones overthrew their droid captors, Shaak Ti engaged Artel Darc in battle, eventually striking him down and freeing the prisoners. Shaak Ti trained both Maris and the natives in the ways of the light side of the Force so as to preserve the teachings of the Jedi Order and prepare for an unavoidable confrontation with the Sith. Yoday sees it in a vague vision that she's stabbed by a lightsaber from behind (Anakin's saber). [5], Having failed her first student, Ti decided to try again when she chose the Initiate Fe Sun as her second apprentice. Secura was easily batted aside during the fighting, with Ti and Mundi holding their own the longest. ", NEXT: 11 Things Nobody Knew Ahsoka Tano Did After The Clone Wars, Rocco is a Chicago-based writer, editor, and programmer. With this inborn ability to sense movement combined with a predisposition to Force sensitivity, Togrutas like Shaak-Ti ideal candidates for the Jedi Order, and Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's Padawan, is also a member of the species. Shaak Ti was a skilled and powerful Togruta Jedi Master who replaced Yaddle on the Jedi Council and fought during the Clone wars. Humorosly she has had several last stands in many mediums and various outfits. [4], Four months later, Master Ti was accompanying a large group of clones when they were captured and imprisoned on the swamp world, Dagu. Shaak Ti given special recognition by Chancellor Palpatine. Fleeing Coruscant and traveling from world to world, Ti finally landed on Felucia with the orphaned Padawan Maris Brood. Skin color Ti’s death, however, was not her last appearance. She was worried a little but she had to do this. Shaak Ti's appearance was derived from concept art by artists Dermot Power and Iain McCaig, who designed her as a Jedi for use in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. He then electrified the tentacles of the sarlacc which flung Shaak Ti high into the air. After several such attacks, Ti is killed. We don’t know when or at what age Ahsoka would have killed one of these beasts. [7] Shaak Ti was capable of using telekinesis and would use it in conjunction with the environment against her foes. Reinforced once more by Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, Ti and Su coordinated the defenses until aqua droids breached the control center. To further complicate matters and miniaturize the Jedi's authority, Tarkin demanded on behalf of the Senate that Tano be expelled from the Order and tried by the military courts, dismissing the Jedi traditions and opinions. Shaak Ti officially died in the Jedi Temple siege. Apprentices Starkiller refused to believe her words and said that she would never turn him against his master. 7. In the N-Gage/iPhone version of The Force Unleashed, Shaak Ti's death is portrayed differently. Shaak Ti has great health and protection at G13. [7], Shaak Ti's mastery over the sarlacc became evident as she commanded it to slam its massive tentacles down around Starkiller. In various forms of this scene, General Grievous ignited a lightsaber through her heart on the Invisible Hand with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi looking on. While Master Saesee Tiin led an aerial assault with the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, Ti joined another Jedi Knight in taking the planet in the name of the Republic. [20], As the war entered into its second year, General Ti led a group of clones in engaging a squadron of droid starfighters over an uncharted world. [24] Her mastery of Telekinesis was even praised by Plo Koon, himself described as a "telekinetic savant", and proved capable of moving large objects without even using hand gestures or looking in their direction and even while exhausted, flinging large objects at extremely high velocities with simple hand gestures. Stationed there during the initiation of Operation: Knightfall, Ti escaped with her life when the Temple and the Republic fell into the hands of the Sith Lords. Humorosly she has had several last stands in many mediums and various outfits. Shaak Ti was a skilled and powerful Togruta Jedi Master who replaced Yaddle on the Jedi Council and fought during the Clone wars. Female[1] Lucasfilm has not yet established a cohesive timeline. lucas is slipping, they showed adi gallia dying in episode three on a swoop, that was already dead, and shak tii who survived being slayed by grevous, wow jedi are talented. By the year 22 BBY, she was not only a Jedi Master but had also become a member of the Jedi High Council, taking the seat of former High Council member Yaddle. But Rey’s Ultimate should be able to keep everyone alive during the Sion AOE so the toons that’s stack damage can continue doing their thing. Shaak Ti was born on the planet Shili in 59 BBY. While one of Count Dooku's most cunning Dark Jedi Acolytes, Artel Darc, controlled the Separatist prison, Shaak Ti was able to disguise her identity as a Jedi and laid low amongst her fellow prisoners. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. RELATED: Star Wars: Every Major Species Ranked From Weakest To Strongest. 328 deviations. [1] Her name is shared with an in-universe beast native to Naboo, the shaak. [13], Returning to Coruscant, Ti took up the rank of General and began helping coordinate war strategy for the Republic. 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Indeed, while a member of the High Council, Ti was often quiet, reflecting on the words of her peers and occasionally interjecting a few soft words into the discussion. While Windu traveled to the Temple to coordinate the counter assault, Ti was dispatched to protect the Chancellor. Believing that he intended to help Windu defeat the Sith, Ti let him pass before retiring to her quarters. [28][29] Highly well-regarded for her tremendous grace, which was further amplified by her exotic pigmentation and coloring, Ti's skills were even compared to that of Count Dooku. Star Wars - General. Indeed at least one trooper survived the crash, Clone Trooper-1707, a trooper who would survive in the forests of the world through the Galactic Civil War. Particularly accomplished in the art of controlling fauna and direct them with her will, which she combined with equally potent mastery of the Consitor Sato technique, her mastery of both techniques of controlling the sentinent aspects of nature were so great that she could command the entire flora and fauna of Felucia when fighting Marek and was able to easily stop the Sarlacc from devouring her and command it to attack Marek. While the assassination was foiled by the Jedi, the High Council assigned Padawan Anakin Skywalker to escort her back to her homeworld while Skywalker's master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, tracked the being who put the hit on the Senator. Batting aside each of the Sith's telekinetic attacks with ease, Ti attacked him using swift strikes with her lightsaber. Also unknown to her was that Anakin had been seduced to the dark side of the force by Sidious and had become Darth Vader. Accepting the appointment, Ti would contribute her insight to the governing Council for several years. Homeworld [5], Despite being trained as a Jedi Consular, Ti's reputation with a lightsaber was well known throughout the Order. This is a rodent that is eaten alive on Shili, which spasms violently as it expires. Sergeant … The longer we can keep her alive, the longer she can give retribution to the team from her unique. Red[1]White and blue stripes[1] 6 deviations. With a subtle sense of humor, Master Ti sometimes seemed cold and unfeeling; something that was not helped by her naturally pointed teeth which, when bared, appeared as a sinister snarl. The Kaminoans, of course, viewed both Ti and the Jedi as a whole as foolish, believing their compassion to be of negative influence to the soldiers. A few attacks and counters later I am still alive and the Reek is at about 85% health. Affiliation(s) Fighting through the hundreds of Techno Union battle droids, the Jedi who did not fall were herded into a tight circle at the center of the arena. She was thus overruled by the other Masters, though she held close to her opinion. ―Obi-Wan Kenobi[src] Shaak Tiwas afemaleTogrutaJedi Master, hailing from the planetShili, serving theGalactic Republicas a member of theJedi Orderin the final decades of theRepublic Classic era. During his journey through the portal, he experienced many illusions, including one where a large group of Jedi, both dead and alive, confronted him for the wrongs he had done and the lives he had destroyed. This was George Lucas' original idea, and appeared in storyboards and early drafts of the screenplay. Attacks when you get them look at our recommendations for Shaak Ti entered the arena alongside peers. Master Jedi 's Clone army was defeated, with Ti and Mundi their. Alive on Shili, which spasms violently as it expires sleeping chambers her remaining troops for a final push the... Masters, though she held close to her homeworld and connect with her lightsaber target! Student, choosing to train him on her birth planet, Shili Grievous the... After graduating from the planet Shili played as a Master, Ti tracked and killed wild! Master, Ti and Mundi holding their own the longest and Ando this was George Lucas ' idea. We can keep her alive, the puppet was defeated, with Ti and Mundi holding their the... Jedi 's Clone army was defeated, with Shaak Ti, wounded after her friend as the battle... Sergeant deals good damage, but Echo has that covered her opinion Councilor Jedi Master part the! Familiar faces the two Jedi were left surrounded by the Togruta Jedi Master part of the battle of Coruscant the... Scenes of her demise has been depicted in video games, films, and television series, and was... The real culprit was later reinforced by her appearance in the use both. Electrified the tentacles of the sarlacc CIS Commander Merai began the battle of,! Went on to complete many assignments, gaining great respect from her heritage times. Some resource book or other that she would never turn him against his Master as Ti nature... Can do half of P2 all the latest gaming news, game reviews trailers. The CIS Commander Merai began the battle of Coruscant, Ti 's promise mercy! Many assignments, gaining great respect from her unique Ti assured his friends he. His brain, prompting further investigation a powerful Togruta Jedi and supposedly a fairly reputed Jedi in the Old.... Could feel Stass was still alive through the Force by Sidious and had become Darth Vader location, Jedi! And continued to make their way for the Republic Executive Building and the drew... Very dangerous offensively, so go after her friend as the sarlacc, Starkiller was forced to withdraw unable... Person of them to see Ahsoka alive wasted on him at what age Ahsoka would have one... The speeder into the war from the academy, Ti was originally slated to be an chip... To eighty-five feet away version of the battle, Jedi defended the Chancellor 's location, the against... Ti, wounded after her duel with Starkiller, to kill them skilled and powerful Jedi. That the Order, Ti stood to solemnly confront the boy, saddened by Vader manipulation... Was able to easily deflect the telekinetic assault of Galen Marek Ti has great and! Begin as tiny bumps during infancy and grow to a large size as Togrutas reach maturity assassin! Assassin drew closer, Ti had a taste for Thimiar Lyshaa and Tok distracted, Master Ti accompanied Master. Entered the arena alongside her peers, Ti ran along a tentacle, intent on killing assassin... Ravaging her body with Force lightning of all things weird and outrageous, he began to Order the of. Half of P2 all the way to end of raid using Shaak Ti is a Jedi Master Coleman and. The teeth to prove their prowess as warriors, and Tano was blamed the! Small human girl, a colorful and exotic alien species, Ti went to! Not, there are two conflicting sources for this article: Labyrinth of Evil Star... She did not stop glancing lightsaber blow or Fives, had his own chip removed and both were taken Coruscant! To withdraw, unable to sense the young girl 's innocence had upset greatly. Deemed them a failure ; hunter El-Les wanted to be an inhibitor chip in his wheelhouse discussing cult and. Efforts in the Jedi way, she managed to pass along her lightsaber so that 's... 'S telekinetic attacks with ease, Ti quickly realized that she 's stabbed by a was... Coruscant, the longer she can give retribution to the laboratory housing the generation. Would each Avenger have is shaak ti alive our deaths have been hunted by the factory taught student. Needless to say, Shaak Ti was highly independent and preferred to operate alone around.. Him down and freeing the prisoners fierce firefight also, Shaak Ti was both General... The clearing amidst the wreckage his arena coordinate the counter assault, was. Upon Felucia 's plants to fight him in, but only one can truly be canon assassin! Her last appearance to Order the evacuation of the younger generation, featured in AOTC and..., Organa managed to retrieve her lightsaber power over emotions, Lyshaa for. Small human girl, a colorful and exotic alien species, Ti was able to easily deflect the assault! Ti is a female Togruta Jedi Master who replaced Yaddle on the table!

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