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"State of the Art” Technological Solutions

BESYS Trading and Information Systems P.L.C is a local trusted and value-added IT solution provider working on different ICT Infrastructure turnkey solutions and delivering successfully latest ICT turnkey projects to several government, private, NGOs and International organizations across the country and in Africa

brings innovations and excellence to businesses together with our industry leading technology partners including Huawei, Dell EMC, Microsoft, CISCO, Sophos, Kaspersky, EPSON, Symantec, Zebra technology, … in offering a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and trying to achieve achieving the highest level of partnership in the industry.

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Why Choose Us!

Our Specialization And Company Features

Expert's Experience
a team of the best and brightest Internetworking & Datacenter specialists, software developers, Information Systems Security engineers, networking designers and installers.
Highly responsive Support
Our technical support teams providing on-site, 24X7, 8x5 customer support are committed in delivering total satisfaction to customers.
Our professional staff is kept up-to-date with extensive overseas and international training on the latest technology advances and skills required
Special Task force
Since corporate clients are the major sources of our business, we believe in arranging a special task force which includes assigned competent individuals for them and following simple process for their enquiries.



Our Services

Internetwroking and IT support Solutions

It Infrastructure

Complete installation, configuration and commissioning of Building and renovation of Data centre and IT Infrastructure tailored to meet per your requirement.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Supplying, Installation & Configuration of Video Conferencing Solutions

Local Area Network

Supply, Installation and Configuration Local area networking system.

Wide Area Network

Supply, Installation and Configuration Wide Area Networking (WAN) systems, which can be tailored to fit company’s branch office, network communication solutions.

Internetworking Systems

Company Internetworking systems, server environment and workstation systems support and maintenance solutions, which are effective and efficient solution to resolve companies IT problems.

Enterprise Solutions

Company Specify solutions for Finance systems, HR systems, Inventory7 systems, fleet management systems, Operation management systems

Our Products

Technological products

Datacentre Infrastructure

Datacentre infrastructure solution with different vendor products

Network coverage infrastructure

Campus Network Infrastructure & HyperConverged Network Infrastructure

Technical Support

Technical support and maintenance of different IT solutions

Application and system software

Supplying of Genuine Application and System Software’s Including Microsoft products Office packages, Windows operating systems, Server operating systems, Office 365, Exchange Servers and other application software’s.

Supplying of Datacentre IT Equipment's

Supplying of Complete solution to Fibre Optics Single Mode and Multimode complete accessories & Supplying of Complete solution to Local area Networking and Wide Area Networking and network accessories

Supplying of Accessories

Supplying of Video Conferencing Solutions & Supplying of computers, Laptops, Printers and computer accessories

Our Partners

Technology Partners

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